Violence Intervention Program/BIPP

Serving women, men and children affected by domestic violence.

Our Violence Intervention Program/BIPP is one of four State-certified Batterers Intervention Programs in Bexar County and is the only program in Bexar County that is funded by Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD). Classes offer a comprehensive curriculum for both male and female perpetrators of domestic violence.

The Violence Intervention Program/BIPP consists of group therapy for men and women who perpetrate domestic and family violence. The Violence Intervention Program/BIPP curriculum allows perpetrators to take responsibility for their abusive behavior and teaches them the fundamentals of a healthy, non-violent relationship. It is designed to cover different aspects of domestic violence and family abuse.

If you are ready to end your abusive behavior, join one of our groups. The program consists of 24 group sessions that meet on a weekly basis for two hours. If you are interested in joining, please set an appointment.

Cost is as follows:

  • Initial evaluation $25. This is a one hour appointment to complete paperwork and meet one-on-one with a professional counselor.
  • Group sessions $25 per session. The total amount of sessions is 24.

Participation in the Violence Intervention Program/BIPP is open to the public as well as persons referred by the court, CPS, probation office, or parole office.

If referred by any of the above mentioned, we will provide monthly reports regarding the state of compliance with the program to the source of reference.

Individual therapy available upon request. We are contracted by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to provide DV assessments, individual counseling, and psycho-socials.

All services are offered in English and Spanish.

24 Week Program (1 session per week) $25 to register, $25 per session

Prior to paying $25 fee, intake paperwork must be filled out in person. Please call 210-930-3669 and press option #3 to make an intake appointment.

Requirements For Registration & Participation:

Every participant needs to have a personal email and access to a personal computer or smartphone (example: iPhone, android)

Required Paperwork:

Probation – Terms and Conditions & ID Parole – Certificate of Parole & ID

Pre-Trial -Agreement of Pre-Trial Diversion & ID Municipal Court – Deferred Disposition Order & ID

Steps for Registration:

Step 1 email required paperwork to (Paperwork must be in PDF form}

Step 2 we send you our Consent form

Step 3 you send back the consent form

Step 4 we send you our Registration paperwork

Step 5 you complete all the required fields and sign. (Once the paperwork is signed we will go over it to make sure you are taking accountability for your actions)

Step 6 we ask for the registration payment $25.00

Step 7 we schedule your online registration

Step 8 Attend your online registration through Go to Meeting.

For more information, please contact Michelle Hamelwright, Program Director of Violence Intervention Program/BIPP at:

Once A Child

This program is designed to engage perpetrators of family violence in recognizing the impact of their violence on children and complements BIPP. The curriculum invites fathers to explore their own childhood and how it may have shaped their beliefs and behaviors about fatherhood, as well as the concept that abusing a child’s mother is abusive to children. It also supports men in developing non-violent, nurturing, child-centered parenting practices. For more information, please contact Michelle Hamelwright, Program Director of Violence Intervention Program/BIPP, at:

Downloadable Forms: