Court & Military Liaison

Serving women, men and children affected by domestic violence.

Court & Military Liaison

Court & Military Liaison This program streamlines the service engagement process for domestic violence victims and perpetrators involved with the judiciary and legal system, CPS, and the military. For more information, please contact Judi Yahn, Director of Judicial and Military Services, at:

The primary objective of the FVPS Court Liaison Office is to provide the Bexar County Courts with immediate access to services for individuals and families of domestic violence.  Located within the Bexar Courthouse, the Court Liaison Office is used as a referral source for the individual Civil District Courts, the Children’s Courts, the Child Support Courts and the Family Drug Courts. The Court Liaison also serves the Staff Attorney’s Office, Child Protective Services, the Domestic Relations Office, private attorneys and the general public who visit the Courthouse daily.

Any individual who has experienced or been victimized by domestic violence and abuse is eligible to receive services.  Individuals referred to the Court Liaison are eligible to receive immediate on-site assessments for the appropriateness of a referral for services related to family violence.

Contact Information

Judi Yahn
Phone: (210) 837-5638