Pet Shelter

FVPS, The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter is counting on your donation to help operate our pet shelter at our emergency facility. Domestic violence is an insidious assault against individuals and families, leaving generations of victims trapped in trauma if help is not found. They leave behind the roof over their heads, their prized possessions, their clothing, and relationships all in order to save their lives; to begin to learn how to build skills in self-sufficiency. One thing many victims refuse to leave behind is their pet. They fear what can happen and are unwilling to abandon their pet to possibly be a victim of violence or be killed while they escape.

  • Up to 65% of domestic violence victims will delay or refuse to leave an abusive home out of fear of leaving their pets behind.
  • Less than 3% of domestic violence shelters across the country provide sheltering for the family pets.

With your help, FVPS can continue to operate a pet shelter, this allows the shelter clients to visit and interact with their beloved pets. Victims will be integral to the care of their pets and the pets in turn, will play an integral role in the healing process.

We will:

  • Remove barriers for victims to get to safety
  • Protect pets from the abuser
  • Integrate pets into the healing process for victims seeking safety

We have received inquiries regarding non-monetary donations for the pet shelter. We are currently NOT accepting dog kennels and other supplies for the pet shelter, as we do not have the storage space. We appreciate your willingness to help and will let the community know when we are ready to accept in-kind donations.

The pet shelter is designed to provide temporary, emergency protection for dogs and cats of individuals and families seeking refuge from domestic violence, keeping families together on their road to healing.

GIVE TODAY, help FVPS, The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter continue to operate the pet shelter, help the victims of Domestic Violence who may otherwise stay in an abusive situation to avoid being separated from their beloved pet.