Legal Assistance to Military Personnel

The LAMP program creates an avenue for military personnel, including veterans who have been active in the last ten years and are receiving military benefits, or current military dependents, who are victims of physical and emotional abuse due to family violence to receive civil legal services that allow them to be protected and move on to a life without their abuser. The civil service obtained generally consists of a Divorce, Protective Order, Child Custody, Child Support, or a combination thereof. Even though the majority of cases fall into the Family Law area, the program also aids those who have other issues such as evictions, wills, or consumer debt problems.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Low-income as determined by 2013 BCLS Financial Eligibility Guidelines below
  2. Must be military (including veterans that have been active in the last 10 years and are receiving military benefits) or a military dependent
  3. Must be a victim of physical or emotional abuse
    a. The physical abuse is verified through police reports, medical records, a protective order, supporting witnesses or some other substantial proof.
    b. The emotional abuse is verified through documentation provided by a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional.
  4. The legal service sought must be related to the physical or emotional abuse of the applicant or child of the applicant
  5. Eligibility includes Bexar County
Household Size Annual Income Monthly Weekly
1 $14,363 $1,197 $276
2 $19,388 $1,616 $373
3 $24,413 $2,034 $469
4 $29,438 $2,453 $566
5 $34,463 $2,872 $663
6 $39,488 $3,291 $759
7 $44,513 $3,709 $856
8 $49,538 $4,128 $953
Each additional person add:
$5,025 $419 $97

For further information or questions about this program please contact